A hand painted parachuting Santa has hung from the branches of my Grandparents & parents trees, it now hangs from my own Christmas tree each year.
I fell in love with it as a child and today it still evokes a magical feeling.

When starting my little business I was inspired to make & sell decorations that mean this much to others.

I'm Jane, a jewellery designer and buyer turned decoration designer, producer and seller.

FranklyDecor was born in 2012 out of my love for all things decorative and a passion for making. After the birth of my first child, whilst on maternity leave, I made a few simple, mostly personalised decorations as gifts for friends and family and of course for my daughter. The response was so great that I decided to take a bigger step and I launched the business and began selling at local markets. I can now be found, in between juggling my 2 children, busy designing and making in my little creative work space/child free haven and wrapped up warm in many a market around St. Albans where I live.

FranklyDecor is growing alongside my family and giving me a much loved work life balance.  I love seeing my children's proud faces when they see what I have made. The joy they get from giving to their friends makes me proud to show them that I can be more than just their Mama, although frankly to them I'm that 99.9% of the time.