Harvest Squirrel Garland

  • Harvest Squirrel Garland
  • Harvest Squirrel Garland

Squirrels, oak leaf and acorn garland with autumnal toned pompoms in rust, mustard, mint and pretty peach.

The garland ends are left untied ready to be attached or washi taped, measures approximately 150cm.

Each garland has 9 decorations, 2 pompom squirrels, 3 pompom acorns and 4 oak leaves

Autumnal PomPom Colours

Pretty Peach

Designed and made in the UK.

Laser cut plywood and hand made PomPom.

PomPom sizes vary and natural marks exist within the plywood surfaces on each decoration.

Garland length 150cm (approx)
Each decoration
Squirrel 4cm x 4cm x 2.5cm
Oak leaf 4cm x 3cm
Acorn 3cm x 2cm x 2.5cm